Saturday, April 23, 2011

Themes of Easter sermons this year

The Sydney Morning Herald reports something that will probably be evident in churches all over the world this Easter season: is God behind the natural disasters that have marked 2011–dead animals, dead birds, dead fish, earthquakes–namely the New Zealand and Japan earthquakes–wildfires, and tornadoes?   What is the reason behind these natural disasters?


The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell has focused on the recent natural disasters that have hit Australia, New Zealand and Japan in his annual address.

"Our humanity is defined by how we grapple intellectually with the challenge of suffering and evil or refuse to do so; but even more by what we do in response to these catastrophes when they touch us," Cardinal Pell said in his Easter Message on Good Friday.

He applauded the dignity, "strength and stoicism" of the Japanese survivors, as well as the heroism of those Australians who helped people during and after the floods.

Cardinal Pell said these values were the product of 2,000 years of Christian teachings.

"We don't leave people alone in their misery, but rally around to help, whatever their colour or creed or situation," he concluded.

Maybe more of us would do well to remember this instead of using Christianity for political and selfish ends.

Happy Easter, from GodDiscussion!

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